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About education. This is an interesting, and yet disturbing, story that captures the unfortunate reality of today's school system and the media frenzy around it. Although written for young readers, it is also a good read for parents and educators. As is typical of Avi, the writing is riveting and revealing. Website copyright - Avi. All rights reserved. Why do we require so many contracts? Well, because we can no longer depend on someone's handshake to be their word.

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Our kids are learning that the 11th commandment is "Don't Get Caught. We cannot trust or believe, because we know that people will tell us anything we want to hear just to make inroads, to get out of trouble, or to make themselves into more than they really are. For me, I don't get it. The truth is SO simple. If you lie, you are introducing complexity. You may be lying to cover something you shouldn't have done, but now you have twice the burden to deal with: first the wrong you did, and second the lie you told to cover.

I know there are pathological liars out there.


I've been exposed to several, and they are the exception to the rule. But the "convenient" or "intentional" liars, I don't get. An intentional liar knows from the very first word that it will be necessary to track what is said. A good liar must repeat a lie well. If we can't depend on the "truth," there's not much else we can believe in. If leaders can't be depended on, why do we trust them to lead? Alda said his character, a vain clotheshorse, is not based on Mr. For starters, Mr.

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Abrams for more than 20 years, knows how much: not much. For Ms.

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Miller, watching the film was the opposite of therapy, and she sounded a little glum discussing it. She did see a recent screening, and she found the experience difficult. The jail scenes, with their mixture of crushing boredom and humiliation, were particularly wrenching, Ms. Miller said. Beckinsale met Ms.

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Miller two summers ago for a lunch at the Century Association, a private club in Manhattan, arranged by Mr. Beckinsale said that the lunch was pleasant but that Ms.

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Miller was wary. The two women talked about Ms. Beckinsale said she came away admiring Ms. Miller, for her part, had nothing but praise for Ms.

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Both women emphasized, though, that the film was fiction. Beckinsale said, from the one faced by Rachel Armstrong. Miller, Ms. Instead, Ms. Beckinsale said, her most valuable preparation for the role was shadowing two reporters from The Los Angeles Times. She detected uncomfortable similarities between her job and theirs. You have to have understanding friends and family. Trying to get a story on the front page is so similar to getting a movie made.

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