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You want these shoes to complement and blend with any outfit, so look for a pair with few to no embellishments. These jeans always come back into style and are great for nice dinners, casual days at work, or even just pairing with a t-shirt. Look for styles with no fading or embellishments, and have them hemmed to perfectly hit the bottom of your heel. If you want to splurge on a pair of designer jeans, a boot-cut pair is definitely the most timeless option.

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Crew Factory , Mango , Gap , Target. Blazers are awesome pieces because there are so many varieties to choose from. Both shrunken and oversized styles are hot right now, but before you purchase either of those, be sure of have that perfect-fitting classic one in your closet. Make sure the sleeves hit right at your wrists, and the shoulders have enough room to layer underneath. The front should be fitted, but not pull out around your chest. A trip to the tailor might be pricey, but is SO worth it when it comes to a timeless piece like this.

A win-win for sure!

My mind is blown by how much more stylish, intentional, and complete an outfit can look with just the simple addition of a scarf! For the most flexibility, buy a variety of scarves that are both short and long, square-shaped and rectangular, sheer and opaque. Do what you feel comfortable with, and what is within your budget.

P roducts top row, from left : J. No girl in the world should go without a pair of wearable, classic, and simple black heels in their closet. These babies will be here for you from weddings to sorority functions and from first dates to first jobs.

Freshwater Pearls

The key to looking classic and chic is staying poised, and believe me, I understand how impossible that is if your feet are killing you! I know, I know — you probably read that and groaned, thinking of awkward images of moms and camp counselors in baggy pleated khakis and clunky shoes. Khaki trousers are the sartorial version of a bowl of plain pasta — a blank canvas that you can dress up however you want! Moderately priced and high-quality versions can be found at J.

Crew , Express , or Gap. Crew , Everlane , Madewell , J. V-necks are fantastic for layering under jackets, lounging around the dorms in, or using as base pieces to help tone down statement extras. My favorite v-necks are the unisex ones from American Apparel. They look very casual, but not sloppy. You can actually wear these both the the gym or for everyday wear. Much like the 11 khaki trousers, you might not immediately see a use for black dress pants in your closet right now.

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But these pants are like having cans of tuna or tomato soup in your pantry — an absolute must-have for emergencies! Look for styles that fit loosely throughout the thigh, and flare out oh-so slightly around the calves. It shocks me that just six or seven years ago, many of us regarded skinny jeans as a passing fad. I remember once thinking that you could only wear these with tunics and long shirts!

You can find skinny jeans anywhere, but I like styles that allow a little circulation throughout the groin and hip area so that they stay comfortable all day.

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Skinny jeans have the staying power to warrant splurging on a designer pair, but I honestly prefer picking up several washes and bright colors from inexpensive places like Forever 21 and American Eagle instead. Any of you girls who live in colder regions know that a pea coat is an absolute godsend during the winter.

Coats are probably my favorite thing to shop for — I love how you could be wearing a raggedy t-shirt, a diamond-studded bra, or nothing at all underneath one, and no one would have any idea! Although I prefer edgier and faux furrier coats for myself, I find myself turning to my classic, preppy pea coat at least once or twice a week during the winter.