Lágrimas de un dios plutónico (Spanish Edition)

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We come in this world alone, so we definitely have it in us to travel alone as well. Power to your my girl! Keep on Going. Loved reading this! And you always meet like minded people along the way! Would love to follow you on Instagram if your on there?

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Thanks for the smile you bought me today. Thanks for reaching out! My Instagram is BedouinPrincess. It looks like you have a lot of travel experience under your belt. Carla, this was spot on! I went to Greece on a tour as a solo traveler in and decided traveling solo is the way to go. I saw so much of myself in this! Loved reading this, Carla. Two years ago he and his brother and me and my best friend drove to Mongolia from London.

Travel safe. Travel well. I love your story! I was in the same boat as you, before I decided to go solo. I have met many lovely people on my travels and hope to meet many more to share my adventours with. I wish I was brave enough to travel alone. I also have the same problem trying to convince someone to come along with me!

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After my husband of 49 years passed away my sons encouraged me to start traveling again. I did my first solo trip for my 70th birthday. What started as a 3 week tour ended up being 8 weeks in Africa visiting 9 countries.

I started in Rwanda doing a trek up to see the mountain gorillas. It was the trip of a lifetime that left me wanting more. In September I met my older son in Hong Kong for a 3 day whirlwind tour. I have experienced nothing but friendliness from the local folks wherever I might be. I found that once you decide on a destination you really want to see and experience, the excitement of planning and researching take over. All the things you researched will now be a reality and before you get back home you will quite possibly be dreaming of your next destination.

Good luck!

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I love, love, LOVE reading stories like that. My first solo trip was to Canada and I did my own itinerary. Now I am enroute to Africa in November solo as well. I always ask them how are they in fear of something that they never even seen or read about? Let alone…never left the US for anything. I like immersing in culture and the beauty of a place and not the busy touristic vibes.

Thank you for sharing your story. Would love to read more of them. Loved reading this!!!! Hey Carla from a fellow solo traveler. I got the travel bug 10 years ago after a separation left me single. As you stated the single supplement applied to many trips pushed me to solo travel and the fact none of my friends have either money time or inclination to travel, there was no way I was going to wait. Life is short and one must use every minute on this planet to go out of the safe zone and explore different cultures and countries.

December 5th I am off to Africa on a 57 day overland tour from Nairobi to Capetown. You have been on a similar trip I see and i have a question on Visas required,my research tells me Visas are avaliable at border crossings with fees payable, is there any issues or advice you can give me on this topic. I travel every winter as my job is seasonal and allows for 3 months to travel.

Last winter Antarctica was my destination and was totally awesome brutally expensive but worth every penny nickel here in Canada it is only money and I not taking it with me! At 63 yrs old I have covered Cuba,Costa Rico. Hi Wayne!

Lagrimas de Un Dios Plutonico by Sergio Achinelli

So excited you are heading to Africa. I looooooved every minute of it. I had no issues at the borders. Some were slow, especially the Tanzanian border. Zimbabwe was more pricey for me as a Canadian. I got a Kaza visa for Zimbabwe and Zambia — cheaper. You have yo be a little aggressive at the borders in East Africa, or you will be there all day.

People will jump the line. But there are rarely people there helping organize the chaos. But all in all…pretty easy passage at borders. Hint: always have a pen on you! Have great fun on your travels! Loved your writing Carla and reading your common sense comments and observations. I too am a solo traveler … and have been most of my life. My youngest daughter is a driver of a truck like the one you took in Africa with a competitive British company … so much of what you say I have already either heard or experienced. Continue doing what you love and keep writing about it.

I love you encourage.

This was heart-touching and honest. The beauty of your heart reflects in the article. Thanks for this Carla. You inspire me! Love this encouraging article.


Able to travel but too scared to do it alone! I did meet solo travellers on my tours. I envy them for having the courage to do it. Some even do volunteer work in foreign countries. One day I will travel solo!

Fellow Canadian and solo traveller here! Love this article and really identify with it small talk…. Peru I think, or Nepal or Latvia….. I promise not to bore you with small talk!

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Carla, this is truly the universes confirmation, time to move on. This could have been my story suffering through losses, no time for small talk, weight gain, nomadic life. Your solo travels are inspiring. The locals do embrace you when solo and you become like family along your foreign journey. Continue your journey of exploration. Leave the best of you with those you encounter. Take the better of you into the next adventure.

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Reading this is so inspiring! I too have tried to convince people to join me in travels, but to my dismay no one seems to be as ready as I am. I turn thirty next year, and my goal has always been to travel to Italy or India for my 30th birthday. I have never been to a foreign country or traveled solo, but I think I have finally gotten the courage to give it a try. It is very overwhelming though trying to plan my first international trip as well as going at it alone. So, reading this article and seeing all the comments has helped.

I wish you well in all your travels!