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A graduate of Cornell, she joined the staff of the Globe in She has uncovered and reported on several major cases of fraud and abuse, such as sexual assault at prep schools in New England, sexual The organization started as a student-run program at Harvard, and Dawson has been part of it since the beginning.

He started his career running a summer camp in Early on in life, she witnessed the racism and sexism her own family experienced which motivated her to take action. Steal This Country was preceded Do we know why these clues are here? What do they refer to? Join Boston By Foot to examine these clues and learn the fables behind them.

PDF MORAL CERTANITY (Rosemary Cooper Time Travel Novel Book 1)

This minute tour is sure to delight literature lovers of all ages! In her debut collection, How to Love a Jamaican , award-winning writer Alexia Arthurs tells powerful, unsentimental stories of migration from her own homeland of Jamaica.

Ann VanderMeer Jeff VanderMeer The Time Traveller's Almanac Audiobook

And novelist Evan Fallenberg , in his novel The Parting Gift , tells a riveting story of religion, sexuality, and heartbreak, all in the form of a single letter written by the narrator. Mellon postdoctoral fellow in digital humanities at Trinity College. Alexia Arthurs Alexia Arthurs is a debut author on the rise. She began teaching there in the fall Brock Clarke Brock Clarke is an award-winning novelist and writing professor.

His seven books of fiction have earned him many awards and accolades. His novel, Exley, was named a Kirkus Best Book of the Year and was a finalist for a number of awards. Evan Fallenberg Evan Fallenberg is an award-winning author, translator, and educator. Born in Ohio, he lived in France and Japan after college, before settling in Israel, where he got a job at the Museum of the Diaspora.

He began teaching English and translating books—he has since translated everything A Celebration of Feminism through Romance Romance readers form one of the most engaged reading communities in the country. Thanks to mainstream attention from the media, romance readers and authors are becoming a major force in the literary sphere.

God Plants a Garden

Join bestselling authors Sarah MacLean , Isabel Cooper , Caroline Linden , Falguni Kothari , and Grace Burrowes as they discuss the strong women--from fiction and real life--who inspire the tenacious females they write about. Sarah Rettger , Porter Square Books events manager and romance novel aficionado, will host a lively discussion for romance fans and those looking for an of-the-moment introduction to the genre.

Grace Burrowes Grace Burrowes discovered romance novels when in junior high and has been reading them voraciously ever since. Burrowes has a bachelor's degree in political science and a bachelor's of music in music history both from Pennsylvania State University ; a master's degree in conflict Isabel Cooper During the day, Isabel Cooper maintains her guise as a mild-mannered project manager in legal publishing.

In her spare time, she enjoys video games, ballroom dancing, various geeky hobbies, and figuring out what wine goes best with leftover egg rolls.

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Cooper lives with two thriving Falguni Kothari Falguni Kothari is the author of unconventional love stories and kick-ass fantasy tales. Her four novels are all flavored by her South Asian heritage and expat experiences. An award-winning Indian Classical, Latin, and Ballroom dancer, she currently spikes her endorphin levels with Caroline Linden Caroline Linden was born a reader, not a writer. She earned a math degree from Harvard University and wrote computer code before discovering that writing fiction was far more fun.

Since then, the Boston Red Sox have won the World Series three times, which is not related but still Sarah MacLean A lifelong romance reader, Sarah MacLean wrote her first romance novel on a dare, and never looked back. Out of the Shadows Halloween is right around the corner, and this session will introduce you to a trio of spooky novels that will add an extra chill to the lengthening autumn evenings. Alma Katsu was also inspired by true life--in this case the ill-fated Donner Party--which in her novel The Hunger is made even more terrifying thanks to some supernatural intervention.

How do novelists terrify readers? Why do readers enjoy the thrill of scary stories? Gothic literature specialist Bridget Marshall of UMass-Lowell will be our guide through the darker side of fiction in this spine-tingling session. Moderators Bridget Marshall Bridget M. Marshall is coeditor of the collection Transnational Gothic: Her research and teaching focus on the Gothic, nineteenth-century American literature Barker's work caught the attention of the Stoker Hester Fox Hester Fox is a debut author, artist, and a museum collections maintenance technician.

Her day job has allowed her to travel and work with a variety of priceless artifacts. The Witch of Willow Hall is her Her debut novel—and first book in the Taker Trilogy—The Taker, was published in and was named one of the top ten debut novels of by Booklist.

Before becoming a writer, Katsu Before turning to writing, Stoker had a long Learn about various types of nature that are ingrained in Boston, and see what you can discover yourselves. Ask us about our many programs, from drop-off vacation programs to our weekend birthday parties. Make sure to stop by to create a fox tail perfect for pouncing, or color a Nature in the City scavenger hunt to take home! Presenters Hattie Hebard Hattie Hebard is an educator with Puddlestompers, whose mission is to connect the youngest naturalists, ages 2 to 8 and their parents and caregivers to the open spaces in their communities.

By providing children and families with seeds of interest and tools of exploration, Puddlestompers Poetry and Music How do artists grapple with tragedy?

Poet Brian Clements whose wife Abbey Clements was a teacher at Sandy Hook and survived the mass shooting there dealt with unimaginable horror in the best way he knew how: Poets and Citizens Respond to Gun Violence. Espada and Brian Clements will read their poems, and Abbey Clements and anti-gun activist Clai Lasher-Sommers will share their responses.

Hosting this powerful and transformative session is poet and activist Julie Carr , author most recently of Someone Shot My Book , a collection of essays on the role of art in a violent culture. Moderators Julie Carr Julie Carr is an award-winning author of poetry and prose, as well as the cofounder of Counterpath Press. Previously, she taught 2nd grade at Sandy Hook School, where she taught at the time of the shooting on December 14, She was shot at the age of thirteen by her stepfather with a.

Popular Fiction, Translation and the Nahda in Egypt

His poetry has appeared in the Alaska Hard Truths In recent novels by this quartet of superb writers, the truth is either difficult to define, slippery to grasp, or impossible to face. Moderator Candace McDuffie will lead a heartfelt and honest discussion among these talented writers. Her debut novel, If You Could Be Mine is about two girls living in Tehran, Iran, who are very much in love, but their love is both forbidden and very dangerous.

Keplinger wrote the book when she was a seventeen-year-old high school student in Kentucky; the book was published when she was nineteen. Her most recent novel is The Place Between Breaths. He was the nonfiction editor of Queers Destroy Science Fiction! Writer Idol Writer and comedian Steve Macone will perform the first page of YOUR unpublished manuscript for the audience and a panel of three established agent judges who specialize in literary and commercial fiction as well as narrative nonfiction: When an agent hears a line that would prompt her to stop reading, he or she will raise a hand.

Macone will keep reading until a second agent raises a hand. The agents will then discuss why the lines gave them pause and offer suggestions to the author. All excerpts are read and evaluated anonymously. At the end, a winner will be crowned and win a prize. This session is not for the thin-skinned!

She has starred in nearly twenty feature films and earned a loyal international following. Most recently, her short film Grin, which she also produced, has been picking up awards on the festival circuit, including Best Actress. Animal Story Calling all animal lovers--and not just the dog and cat parents out there. Would you eat tacos every day for every meal for the rest of your life? How about wearing only denim jeans? So why befriend only one species?

Pet owners know this better than anyone. With more than twenty books to her name, Sy Montgomery is proud of her cross-species friendships. In her amazing history of the opioid crisis, Dopesick , author Beth Macy traces the history of the epidemic, from the early days when Purdue Pharma put OxyContin on the market with dubious claims about its less addictive properties, to the present, when sympathy for those addicted to opioids may be plentiful but little funding for treatment is forthcoming, despite the predominance of the afflicted living in Trump country. The book offers a critique of the housing, education, and legal systems that contribute to the problem.

Moderators Meghan Irons Meghan Irons is a veteran journalist at the Boston Globe, covering a range of topics that touch on how culture, politics, and social issues intersect with everyday life. She was a member of the award-winning project 68 Blocks, has explored the diverse communities in Boston, and currently Eve Ewing Eve Ewing is a Chicago-bred writer, artist, and scholar who has made her career about fighting social and racial injustice, particularly in the sphere of public education.

She is the author of the bestsellers Truevine: Renaissance Redux This session will look at two notable Renaissance people: Walter Isaacson , whose previous bestsellers explored other restless, creative geniuses such as Benjamin Franklin, Einstein, and Steve Jobs, delves into the astonishing creativity and curiosity that drove the most famous of Renaissance men, Leonardo da Vinci. And, in Renaissance Woman: The Life of Vittoria Colonna, author Ramie Targoff , professor of English and co-chair of Italian studies at Brandeis University, examines the life and times of an extraordinary woman--the first to publish poetry in Italy.

Her connections to the powerful, including Charles V and more than one pope, as well as her close friendship with Michelangelo, gave her tremendous influence and power in Roman society.

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Sponsored by the Boston Public Library. Walter Isaacson Walter Isaacson is a veteran of print and broadcast journalism. Starting in , Isaacson was a correspondent, then a national editor, then an Ramie Targoff Ramie Targoff is a writer, researcher, and educator whose work focuses on the literature and culture of the Renaissance, with an emphasis on the relationship between literature and religion. Saving Planet Earth Our planet is facing an unprecedented threat from one, and only one, species: Astrobiologist David Grinspoon is squarely in the wizard camp. Come prepared for one of the most important conversations of our time that explores everything from apocalyptic environmentalism to interplanetary colonization, moderated by Beth Daley of InsideClimate News.

Moderators Beth Daley Beth Daley is an award-winning journalist who has over twenty years of experience investigating and writing about health, science, and the environment.

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David Grinspoon David Grinspoon is a celebrated astrobiologist, author, and person who talks a lot about science. He is a senior scientist at the Planetary Science Institute and an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado. He has worked on several spacecraft missions with space agencies in Mann is a journalist and author. His book won the U.