Panther Tract: Wild Boar Hunting in the Mississippi Delta

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Boar Hunting on the Mississippi.

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Melody Golding. Life Between the Levees is a chronicle of first-person reflections and folklore from pilots who have dedicated their lives to the river. Although waterways and ports in the Mississippi corridor move billions of dollars of products throughout the US and foreign markets, in today's world those who live and work on land have little knowledge of the river and the people who work there.

As photographer, she has taken thousands of photos, of which are included, of the people and boats, and the rivers where they spend their time. The book spans generations of river life—the oldest pilot was born in and the youngest in —and includes stories from the s to today.

The early pilots in this book witnessed the transition from steamboat to diesel boat, while the youngest grew up in the era of GPS and twenty-first-century technology. Among many topics, the pilots reflect movingly on the time spent away from home because of their career, a universal reality for all mariners.

Steven Rinella.

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With every chapter, you get a history lesson, a hunting lesson, a nature lesson and a cooking lesson. Meat Eater offers an overabundance to savor. As a child, Rinella devoured stories of the American wilderness, especially the exploits of his hero, Daniel Boone. He began fishing at the age of three and shot his first squirrel at eight and his first deer at thirteen. He chose the colleges he went to by their proximity to good hunting ground, and he experimented with living solely off wild meat. As an adult, he feeds his family from the food he hunts. He tells of having a struggling career as a fur trapper just as fur prices were falling; of a dalliance with catch-and-release steelhead fishing; of canoeing in the Missouri Breaks in search of mule deer just as the Missouri River was freezing up one November; and of hunting the elusive Dall sheep in the glaciated mountains of Alaska.

Through each story, Rinella grapples with themes such as the role of the hunter in shaping America, the vanishing frontier, the ethics of killing, the allure of hunting trophies, the responsibilities that human predators have to their prey, and the disappearance of the hunter himself as Americans lose their connection with the way their food finds its way to their tables. Hunting, he argues, is intimately connected with our humanity; assuming responsibility for acquiring the meat that we eat, rather than entrusting it to proxy executioners, processors, packagers, and distributors, is one of the most respectful and exhilarating things a meat eater can do.

In Meat Eater he paints a loving portrait of a way of life that is part of who we are as humans and as Americans.

PANTHER TRACT: WILD Boar Hunting in the Mississippi Delta by Melody Golding - $ | PicClick

This book was a page-turner. The Duck Commander Devotional. Al Robertson. From patriarch Phil and matriarch Kay to their four sons—Willie, Jase, Jep, and Alan—and their beautiful wives and children, the entire Robertson clan contributes to this heartening guide. Compiled by the newest addition to Duck Dynasty—the oldest son and former pastor, Al—each devotional contains a brief message, a passage from Scripture, and a prayer.

An ideal companion for Duck Dynasty fans, outdoor enthusiasts, and those who want to grow in their faith, The Duck Commander Devotional is certain to inspire you in your own faith journey. Humans of New York. Brandon Stanton. We have a riverboat and barge line that operates on our inland waterways.

We are river people. You have said that putting this book together took almost 10 years. Explain the process that required such an extraordinary effort. I climbed on and off boats and carried my backpack of photographic and recording equipment as well as my Coast Guard regulation lifejacket and my TWIC card Transportation Workers Identification Card and I met them on land as well.

I recorded the stories, which are first person reflections, then transcribed and presented them as they were told to me. The pilots have to steer the boat and know where they are. The river is virtually an unknown territory to those who live and work on land largely because it is inaccessible to most people. Streets and railroads run through every town, but the river is bordered by levees and battures the land between a low-stage river and the levees and when travelling on the river one can go hundreds of miles without seeing any signs of life.

Panther Tract: Wild Boar Hunting in the Mississippi Delta by Melody Golding

It is a territory that is grand and vast. The waterways and ports in the Mississippi corridor move billions of dollars of products throughout the U. The inland waterways of the United States include more than 25, miles of navigable waters. The economic impact is evident as the majority of the grain that is exported comes down the river to the gulf.

Over 30 percent of petroleum and chemicals moved in the U. Why do you think this book has been so popular, and who should read it?

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