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Again, nice FCO included. Up next would be some support for the amazing occultist class — the vault raider. This guy replaces Diplomacy with Escape Artist and Stealth and begins play with 1 implement and the Delving implement: These usually are bracers, keychains, padlocks, pistons, watches, etc. Alternatively, the occultist may lay a supernatural version of a ranger trap as a full-round action.

The effect, fyi, lasts for class level minutes. For 2 points of mental focus he, may scry and receive an impression of the 40 ft.

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The spell selection, just fyi, is nice and similarly thematically fitting. At 5th level, vault raiders may expend 1 point of mental focus to receive the benefits of detect secret doors as an extraordinary ability, with the immediate benefits of 2 rounds of concentration and a duration of 1 round per class level.

Uncommon Callings Book 1: Archetypes for Outcasts, Vagabonds and Pariahs

Additionally, he may determine whether an object is locked or unlocked simply by looking at it…which can prove very handy in that long corridor with fake doors and a big Indy boulder rolling your way…Alas, he does lose aura sight for this. Oh, and yep, FCO included. The brigand is the next archetype, intended for the unchained rogue class. At 1st level, they replace finesse training with basically 5 ft.

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Additionally, either a Strength or Dexterity-based skill checks ignore armor check penalty, with 3rd level, 7th, 9th, 11th and 19th unlocking another skill to ignore ACP. Master strike is modified to have the DC modified by Strength rather than Dex. The archetype does pay for the increased sneak prowess with uncanny dodge and its improved brother.

Once again, an FCO is provided.

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Decent one, but my least favorite in the book so far. If he already has it, he may choose another feat and the archetype is treated as Int 13 for feats based on Combat Expertise. Love it! Instead of weapon training, he may choose advanced weapon training in lieu of any bonus feat starting at 5th level and 9th level nets advanced weapon training instead of another group.

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TWF torrent duelists may treat one-handed weapons as light. This replaces armor training II and 11th level nets evasion. Archetypes like this are hard…and it remains mathematically solid…kudos. At 10th level, the eye collector may remove eyes from corpses and if the enemy has rolled a natural 1 one the save versus rend brow, he similarly loses his eyes. Delightful: Putting the eyes against his face, the eye collector gains a significant bonus to impersonate the adversary. The archetype gets 3 advanced slayer talents: One lets her Disguise at instead of saving versus a mind-affecting effect.

Base Raiders - How to save space on Single Turrets.

The next combines main hand and off-hand attack as a standard action or as part of a charge and the third nets a bonus to Heal and increased DCs as well as eye-stealing synergy with assassinate. The shawled viper swashbuckler receives Stealth as a class skill and begins play with poison use instead of derring-do.

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The archetype also has a modified deed list: At 3rd level, while she has at least one panache, she can use a poisoned light or one-handed piercing weapon to increase the save DC and spend a panache to increase the damage dealt. Also, you could book how many rooms you wanted, any special needs such as handicap accessibility or a specific service such as a beauty or fitness package or a health guide. There was a location page that gave you a visual map of where the Viimsi Tervis Spa Hotel was located.

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The contact page included all of the information tourists needed to reach a representative in each department of the Viimsi Spa Hotell. This included:.

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If you wanted to experience Estonia through tourism and spa fun, there was a page dedicated to the weekly schedule of events from Viimsi Spa. One event was the Tallinn Tour which was led in Finnish. You could also do a Tallinn tour in Swedish. If you wanted to explore the music or theatre scene in Northern Estonia, you could do so by going to one of their special events. Such events included dance music at restaurants like the Meritaht.

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