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Today, computers are widely used as computational laboratories, shifting science toward the computational sciences. By replacing analytical methods with numerical ones, they have expanded theory and experimentation by simulation. During the last decades hundreds of computational departments have been established all over the world and countless computer-based simulations have been conducted.

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This volume explores the epoch-making influence of automatic computing machines on science, in particular as simulation tools. Synthesis : zur Konjunktur eines philosophischen Begriffs in Wissenschaft und Technik by Gabriele Gramelsberger 10 editions published between and in 3 languages and held by 69 WorldCat member libraries worldwide Re-Design des Lebens: Wissenschaft und Technik rekurrieren zunehmend auf das Prinzip des Synthetischen.

Und wo liegen die Grenzen technischer Synthesis? Die Arbeit Semiotik und Simulation setzt sich anhand einer semiotischen Analyse mit dem Thema der Simulation und ihrer Visualisierung auseinander. Die Grundthese lautet, dass die Simulation deshalb eine neue Form der Wissensproduktion darstellt, da sie ein neues Symbolsystem ist. Synthesis : zur Konjunktur eines philosophischen Begriffs in Wissenschaft und Technik Book 2 editions published between and in German and held by 27 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Computerexperimente zum Wandel der Wissenschaft im Zeitalter des Computers by Gabriele Gramelsberger 1 edition published in in German and held by 15 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Computersimulation - Neue Instrumente der Wissensproduktion. Ein Bild und seine Geschichte - Containerisierung: die Syntax der Systeme by Gabriele Gramelsberger 1 edition published in in German and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Die Ambivalenz der Bilder by Gabriele Gramelsberger 1 edition published in in German and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Climate change and policy by Gabriele Gramelsberger Book 2 editions published between and in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide The debate on how mankind should respond to climate change is diverse, as the appropriate strategy depends on global as well as local circumstances. Operative Epistemologie Begriffstheoretische Studie zur Erkenntnis- und Formkraft der Mathematik by Gabriele Gramelsberger Book 2 editions published between and in German and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Audience Level. Welche Vor- und Nachteile haben bestimmte Medien? Auf diese und weitere Fragen wird in diesem Workshop eingegangen. Forschungsgebiet vor — z. Depending on the composition of the group the course will be held in English or German. To this end, please note in our online form, which language you would prefer.

In this course you will learn the basics of the strategic management and the most important aspects of management decisions.

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The topics planning, strategy and organisation will be seen from different views. On the one hand you need this knowledge for the construction, alteration or extension of a business. On the other hand also for specific research proposals, if the call ask for the potential of commercialisation or a differentiation from the competitors. At the end of the course you will be able to define and set targets and develop measures to achieve them.

You will identify strengths and weaknesses of a company, to differentiate them from competitors, to identify opportunities and risks and you will organise internal processes and structures. She was i. Juni Uhrzeit: 9. Projects are unique, targeted and time-limited. They have become an integral part of the daily work. They are the answer to increasing challenges in the form of complex problems, shorter innovation cycles, increasing cost pressures and growing networks.

Problems will be solved when unstructured workflows need to be planned and controlled in organised processes. This workshop is a practical and concise introduction to the methods of project management.

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The participants will apply the theories and tools immediately for their own projects. Set of priorities: basic principles of project management, definition of project goals, project scope and project risks, stakeholder management, time and resource management, control of project risks. Wir laden Sie herzlich zum Tag des wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchses am 8. November ins Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg ein. Nachklang: Januar , In klassischen wissenschaftstheoretischen Antworten auf diese Fragen wird typischerweise Bezug auf besondere wissenschaftliche Methoden genommen, etwa Prinzipien der Deduktion oder Induktion.

Mit Thomas Kuhns historiographischer Wende in der Wissenschaftstheorie in den er Jahren ist die Vorstellung von paradigmengeleiteten wissenschaftlichen Disziplinen und fest umrissenen Wissenschaftlergemeinschaften hinzugekommen.

Im Vortrag soll dargelegt werden, dass die Vielstimmigkeit der wissenschaftstheoretischen Bestimmungen von Wissenschaft keinen Grund abgibt, an dem besonderen epistemischen Anspruch von Wissenschaft zu zweifeln. Teilnehmerzahl: 10 Promovierende und Postdocs. Die Teilnahme am Coaching setzt eine hohe Bereitschaft zur Selbstreflexion voraus. Teilnehmerzahl: 12 Promovierende und Postdocs. Time: 9. The reforms which have been implemented since the Bologna Process have led to a number of significant changes: an increasing number of courses at universities are being held in English, and postgraduate and doctorate students are frequently choosing to write their theses or dissertations in English to reach a wider audience.

In this seminar, participants will become familiar with various aspects of clarity which are essential for producing logical, reader-friendly prose. In doing so, participants will enrich their academic lexical repertoire and be able to identify common errors which frequently arise in academic texts. April — Uhr Ort:Seminarraum 1. Vertiefungsworkshop zum Abendvortrag "Ich bin dann mal weg! Wege aus der Wissenschaft". Referentin: Dr.

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Dieta Kuchenbrandt, schainundkuchenbrandt Datum: Festsaal IBZ, Bahnhofstr. Butter bei die Fische — Was kann ich? Mit den Teilnehmenden werden auf Wunsch individuelle Aufgaben zur Festigung und Erweiterung des Gelernten vereinbart z. July am — pm und July am — pm 2nd day: am to pm if you wish to participate in an optional reading exercise with your own scientific text material Venue: Room 2, Rubenowstr.

The first day of the course teaches you how to eliminate the typical reading mistakes which most people have internalised and maintained since primary school: regression, reading word by word, complete mental hearing subvocalisation On the second day you learn how to prepare the reading process efficiently and how to develop flexible reading strategies facilitating an individual approach to each text — taking into consideration its character, degree of difficulty and your reading goal.

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How to write well-structured slides for academic presentations. Active training with plenty of practical exercises. Markus Burger , Berlin Date: March Time: 9. The course is fully booked. To register on the waiting list, please contact graduiertenakademie uni-greifswald. Objectives: The goal of this training is to prepare and develop easy-to-understand slides for your own academic presentation, e.

Finland is a country of forests and nature. To showcase this aspect of the country, the State, together with cities, municipalities and businesses in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area decided to build an exhibition centre where children and adults alike, from cities and abroad, could have a great and realistic impression of the Finnish nature.

An immersive exhibition of art, design, film, music and videogames; Digital Revolution is a comprehensive presentation of digital creativity, exploring and celebrating the transformation of the arts through digital technology since the s. Through a range of NEC visual display solutions including large format and desktop displays and projection, visitors are presented with a mesmerising and absorbing experience.

Through integration of cutting edge technology, the Casino Gran Madrid uses NEC Display Technology to improve communication and interaction with its clientele, seeking to establish brand loyalty to affect sales uplift alongside substantial savings in the deployment of promotional activities. NEC V Series large format displays offer reliability and adaptability to meet the needs of the establishment into the future.

A prestigious new office space in the heart of the city is leading the way with a pioneering 15 metre long videowall in its state of the art reception area. Visitors are simultaneously impressed, informed and entertained when they enter Number 6 Bevis Marks with dynamic visual technology from NEC, which delivers a lasting impression. Viking Line is a public limited company and a market-leading brand in passenger traffic on the Northern Baltic Sea. Zoe Mutter discovers how a giant kinetic video wall was incorporated into the mall, acting as an intuitive solution to attract and engage customers.

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The Hiperdino Group implements digital signage within its supermarkets on the Canary Islands, improving communication with its customers, enhancing the shopping experience whilst achieving sales uplift. An innovative student centred approach to effective learning at Derby University has led to the development of informal, adaptable, interactive learning spaces which stimulate, create communities and embrace inclusivity.

NEC multi-touch screens, mounted on moveable furniture, empower students to configure their own learning environment to promote collaboration within small group learning spaces. Accuracy in digital radiological imaging is critical for everyone involved. The medical staff needs to know exactly what is on the screen so they can provide a better diagnosis to the patients, who in turn need to know the correct results for their own well-being and peace of mind.

Since , when German scientist Wilhelm Roentgen discovered the ability of X-rays to pass through solid objects and provide a view of what is inside, medical professionals have relied on the field of medical imaging. Film-based X-rays were the standard until recently, when many hospitals and healthcare facilities started replacing them with digital images — first in the traditional grayscale and later with colored images that helped provide a more detailed look at the inner workings of the human body.

The largest stadium in the Netherlands, Amsterdam Arena uses a mix of visual media to engage with fans and visitors, inspiring them with powerful sporting images whilst promoting ancillary activities as an additional revenue source. Technicians from Huisman are working with Saab Czech on a unique drill rig simulator. There are currently only two machines in the world that are used to educate oilrig workers. Both have been developed by Huisman - one is located in Texas and the second simulator will be located in Australia.

A contemporary music venue offering an eclectic program, this is an architectural and musical delight for lovers of the arts. Both locals and visitors to Ghent, Belgium, are promised a treat for their eyes and ears at the De Bijloke Music Centre where dynamic digital signage contributes to creating a memorable visitor experience. Seeking new ways to connect with their customers, retail brands are using new on- and off-line techniques to interact and engage on a wider scale.

A performance facility accessible by the whole community, The Horizon Theatre boasts state of the art technology to project dynamic digital backdrops to enhance stage productions whilst reducing costs. Bringing history to life, NEC displays with through-glass touch foil screens enable visitors to discover the context surrounding the artefacts found on board the Mary Rose, presenting a highly visual tableau of life in Tudor times. Fitness Hut finds a cost effective AV solution for its chain of gyms by leasing NEC display and projection equipment to provide their clients with a cutting-edge environment in which to work out.

Regarded by its student customer base as lacking in vibrancy, the Sugarhouse nightclub invested in digital signage and a projected video wall casting vast edge blended imagery to lift the atmosphere and inject a new vibe into student nightlife.

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Students, staff and visitors to the University of Warwick can now enjoy big screen outdoor entertainment following the installation of an NEC LED videowall in their central piazza. Trinity Leeds, the only large scale shopping mall opening in the UK in and the largest project of its type in Western Europe, opened in March Bristol Water upgrades its monitoring equipment to include a new streamlined display system comprising a videowall, large format display and workstation displays to enhance operator efficiency.

Pursuing bookmaker business development, OLYMP launched a project for the construction of the largest bookmaker related entertainment complex in Kazakhstan.