Pulp Writer: Twenty Years in the American Grub Street

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He heads into the raging maw of the storm determined to confront this demon from his past and salvage the remains of their shattered lives—or die trying. But he has no idea of the horrors that await him. This novel is pure Mayo: Well-written, gritty, and peppered with enough fierce and spunky characters to populate two novels. Really, what are you waiting for?

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The characters are so vivid, and I find their actions totally believable but at the same time, refreshing and spellbinding. I laughed out loud…. It is a horror, a suspense and a character drama. It creates an atmosphere humid with apprehension and delivers some of the best jump-out shock moments in cinema history, moments so well crafted they almost feel like a wholly original technique. My vocabulary is insufficient to describe this movie because my vocabulary is insufficient to describe India. I think I first described this movie as a biopic of India, which is obviously stretching the definition a bit, but you can see what I mean metaphorically.

Slumdog Millionaire is a rags-to-riches story about how Jamal Malik, an orphan from the slums of Mumbai, is close to winning twenty million rupees on the local version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. He is getting the crap kicked out of him by the police, who believe he has been cheating, because a slumdog could never know the answers to such difficult questions.

A triumph of craft. In Burma. Did you catch him? This is clearly wrong, but it does serve as an example of the wide appeal this film has. This superhero comic book film. I never got into the superhero mythos, not even as a kid, because I found it to be fundamentally silly. She escapes from a world of partisan battles and facsism by exploring the ancient fantasy world within the crumbling stone labyrinth near their mansion. The world she discovers may be fantastic, but it is no less frightening and dangerous than the real one.

Moon is a very sparse film.

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There is, strictly speaking, a single character. It takes place in a single location spoiler: on the moon and features a minimum of special effects. It is a human story, intensely personal and moving. Sam Rockwell plays Sam Bell, an American astronaut and sole crew member of a lunar mining station owned by a Korean corporation.

Having also worked an unreasonably long contract for a heartless Korean corporation, I can sympathise. Waking up safe and sound with Gerty tending to him in the medical bay, he finds one spacesuit and one rover missing. Taking the spares out, he drives back to the crash site and finds… himself, comatose inside a wrecked rover. It works quite well, and the movie shifts gears from a psychological suspense film into a profound experience.

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It contains one of the most human moments in cinema — coming from a robot. But they also contain some of the most fantastic in the classical sense elements of the world: Davy Jones the squid-mouthed captain, the dry salt plains of the Locker, the deadly Kraken, a Caribbean calypso goddess and the barnacle-encrusted sea monsters of the Flying Dutchman. Compared to these colourful outings, the first film almost seems pedestrian, merely boasting undead skeletal pirates.

But it also has a logical plot, which I think we can agree is vital to a good film. Popcorn movies are funny things. I guess they grind my gears.

5. The Enlightenment and the Public Sphere

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl is an awesome movie. It has Johnny Depp being a hilarious semi-drunken pirate, Geoffrey Rush being typically brilliant, and lots of awesome battles and fights and adventures. Good old Pirates of the Caribbean. You warm my heart, you do. My regards to Howl. It reaches deep inside me and tugs at my childhood spirit of adventure.

And for that I cherish it.

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How can you not love it? Something palpable about the heat, the refreshing coolness of the fountain, the verdant shadows by the forested brook. The film is no less powerful as it goes on, following Robbie as he drifts through the wreckage of World War II, British forces in rout after their defeat on the French border. There is one absolutely stunning shot, a single take of nearly five minutes length, that details the messy chaos at Dunkirk as troops await evacuation — the shooting of horses, the burning of documents, the sabotage of equipment, half the soldiers doing their jobs and the other half singing and brawling and drinking.

The cinematography throughout this movie is unparalleled: every shot is perfectly composed, every character in the right place and every scene beautifully or originally filmed. It also has a shocking plot twist at the end, one that forces us to question everything that went before and leaves us with a deep question on the nature of atonement. At first I thought the ending was supposed to reveal the atonement that Briony has finally achieved. It may be that, even in the final scenes as she makes her confession to an interviewer, she is still digging herself deeper into that pit of betrayal and selfishness.

December 29, in list , movies 5 comments. Every now and then you see a film that does something really, truly original.

Pulp Writer: Twenty Years in the American Grub Street

Memento is such a film. He is hindered by his medical condition, inflicted by the same man in the same attack: a brain injury that has left him with short-term memory loss. He remembers the last twenty minutes or so, and his whole life leading up to the attack, but everything between that is blank. To keep himself focused, he has tattoos on his body constantly reminding him what happened and what his mission is, and he regularly takes notes and Polaroids as new information comes his way.

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In order to keep the viewers as adrift as the protagonist, Memento takes place in reverse chronological order, beginning at the end and ending at the beginning. We are pushed into scenes as abruptly and confusingly as he is, and not only does this work, but it works in a movie that has a complex plot and still manages to be understood after only a single viewing. Nolan succeeds at all of these tasks, and proves himself a gifted director. I was going to say that the noughties were a dry decade for comedy, before realising that film in general has never been that funny to me, barring a few exceptions.

I guess for a generation raised on the comic majesty of the Simpsons, nothing is ever going to compare. The standout comedy of the decade is, for me and many others my age, Anchorman, which walks a fine line between high-brow and low-brow. And the prospects for where she might be are beginning to look grim, you understand? Half of all the children in these cases are killed, flat out.

This is day three. As an actor Ben Affleck has always been something of a joke, so it was astonishing to see him craft such a perfect film on his very first attempt at directing. Besides being a superbly written and cast police procedural, Gone Baby Gone is a study into the best and worst parts of human nature — the shocking, horrific things people are capabale of when they are trying to do the right thing.

At the climax of the film Kenzie is faced with an almost impossible decision, an excruciating pick between two evils. He makes the same choice I would have. Is it the right one? Who knows? Shrek is the best example since The Land Before Time of a wonderful, successful film that gave birth to a long dynasty of progressively awful sequels. The first film is a great family movie, perhaps the best family movie of the decade — suitable for both kids and adults, plenty of in-jokes, sly and satirical, but still possessing loveable characters and genuine sentiment.


It takes a powerful actor to go through nearly an entire film with only a volleyall for company, and Tom Hanks is that actor. We see Chuck — in largely dialogue-free scenes — building fire, splitting coconuts, catching fish, signalling to a rescue boat and climbing a mountain. This is a situation everybody or at least every boy imagines themselves to be in as a child, after reading adventure books and comics and daydreaming of survival scenarios. The attempted suicide, the realisation that you have absolutely no control over anything, and the eventual return to a world that has moved on without you.

I once said that Japan was as foreign and alien a society as one could find while still remaining on Earth. After actually visiting it I rescinded my statement, but perhaps I was too hasty. I was only on a three-week vacation, after all — I never really had to interact with the Japanese beyond pointing at something in a shop.

I spent three months working in Korea and nearly hurled myself off the balcony of my apartment, so, yes, East Asian society can be quite frustrating and confusing. Lost In Translation is a film about middle age, and loneliness, and ennui and unhappiness. All of these factors are enhanced by setting the film in Tokyo, that colossal and intimidating sprawl of faceless crowds and neon landscapes. Bill Murray plays Bob Harris, a middle-aged American actor doing a whiskey commercial when he could be making a movie; Scarlet Johansson plays Charlotte, a young woman who is accompanying her photographer husband on an assignment.