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August 4, at pm. August 5, at am. November 11, at pm. Hello there, I am a Magazine Journalism major at Columbia College Chicago and began to write an article about why we specifically pigeonhole fashion. Why must we have predetermined categories? Is it a threat to reject being pigeonholed? What is the relationship between functional pigeonholing and the market?

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  • Silk for the Feed Dogs.
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Name required. Blog at WordPress. Search for:. Post to Cancel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. There were other places that were just as funny. Although mostly light hearted, there was substance.

Kat was portrayed as a real woman with wants and desires, with good points and bad. Many of the people she met on her journey through fashion-dom were purposefully caricatures, but every so often Ms. I knew enough to understand pretty much everything. Even when the joke was deep into some detail of fashion I think I still got it. But most of the humor was about people and situation. They are in place to feed the fabric through the machine.

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But if they get clogged or the tension is wrong they will chew your precious fabric to within an inch of its life. As you can imagine, the fashion industry is riddled with feed dogs of the flesh and blood variety. With this question, you mean business! One easy one springs to mind—I designed for Moschino early in my career and loved it but often wondered what it would have been like to be there when Franco Moschino was alive.

He was a balls-to-the-wall force to be reckoned with, and his sense of humour was at the heart of every business decision he made which also got him in a lot of trouble. Models crawled onto the catwalk, they wore paper bags on their heads, all sorts of silliness.

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I always admired the gorgeous ethereal style of Karen Elson. I love people who are unafraid to move outside their lane and change the path of their futures.

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That fearlessness usually comes through in their fashion choices. The overheard conversations alone are eyeopening. Maybe the famous French snobbery would have gotten to me. I prefer to be cursed at in the street then propositioned from a speeding moped which is the Italian way, than to be regarded with the cold aloofness associated with true Parisians. I mean, Liam Neeson has steered his career at 60 years old into box office gold Hollywood action hero! I get a kick out of seeing her clothes stocked in the best stores here in NYC. Fair play! I like to read the novels of Tana French who has dual citizenship in the US and Italy but studied in Trinity and considers Dublin home.

There are so many home-grown inspirations to choose from. What, you wanted just one? I chose this extract because it drops you right into the activity of Milan Fashion Week. As the tram rasped along the tracks, a sliver of Jumbotron screen from a half-hidden piazza flashed catwalk images from earlier in the week. I got off at Piazza Cinque Giornate to walk. Traffic was stock-still; drivers sprouted angrily from windows and delivered passionate steering wheel soliloquies while swinging their arms to a chorus of horns.

Carabinieri officers blew whistles. Sealed off in the back seat of each cab, exacting-looking women in their early thirties, their hands in laps, eyes downcast, were caressing key pads like the beads of a rosary, utterly remote from the chaos outside. It was the infamous Fashion Week stand-off between locals and out-of-towners. My stomach had begun to turn.

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Everyone around me, whether sounding off or feigning obliviousness, blaring his horn or cursing under his breath, was authentic. I was the lone imposter streaking through the centre of it, going unnoticed. I was the pretender; the hick who had rolled into town in stolen Chanel and deceived everyone. But by the end of the day, all would be revealed. I would know and so would everyone else.