Taurus Moon: Magic & Mayhem

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Gully's magic has been intensifying at an incredible rate for months. Taurus Moon wants to find out why.

We are graced with new vision and the opportunity to rise above all that has weighed us down. Hurting hearts gather reprieve at this time as unveiled wounds reveal the bounty of our true value. Taurus The Bull, is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus.

Magic, Miracles, Mayhem… or a Mixture!

Taurus rules the qualities and characteristics of peacefulness, presence, mindfulness, groundedness, values, self-value, aesthetic appreciation, security, engagement and commitment to the earth, and highly developed senses. Taurus longs for security. Tune into your values and live by them; for that is where security lies. Value yourself; for you are valuable. When we adhere to our values, a true and ardent life unfolds before us.

Weekly General Astrology Forecast July 8th 12222 – Mercury Mayhem!

We have allowed them more fully into consciousness. Even wounds do not want to be left out. The Moon is the steward of our wounds. Release them to the Moon. Allow for their departure. They are angels who have just received their wings. This was a lovely article.

Full Moon in Aries-The Magic and Mayhem of Uranus - Healing Stars

Grown folks are talking here. In an instant, Darla went into full animal state, growing two feet in height with hair covering her entire body.

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Two inch fangs and long fingernails as sharp and strong as the finest steel knives were only seconds away from ripping into me. I hesitated a moment too long with my conundrum. In a flash, she batted my arm away from her neck and heaved her head rearward, slamming the back of her skull hard against my forehead. In pain, I reeled backwards several steps, my vision an explosion of colors. I could have used Gully right then and there, but he was busy getting that family Grimes and Darla had planned to eat to safety. By the time my vision cleared, I saw that they had moved away to a safe distance.

Both father and daughter were now full werewolves, and they both drooled at me with hunger in their eyes. Standing side-by-side, they looked at each other, then spoke in a series of grunts and growls, apparently debating who would get the first chunk of my flesh. I glanced over my shoulder, weighing what my chances would be if I sprinted down the corridor. I would never make it.

Taurus In Wonderland

If I turned away to run, Darla would be on top of me before I took three steps, biting and clawing into my back. My pistols were already emptied from an earlier encounter. Left with the choice to fight, I planted my feet into a defensive posture and readied myself. Darla let out what I guessed was a laugh as she advanced toward me.

She leapt to her left. Her paws pounded heavily against the left wall, as she launched herself to the wall on the opposite side. She bounded back and forth across the walls in a zigzag fashion so fast that she was almost a blur, in what I assumed was an attempt to disorientate me. Instead, I listened to the timing of her paws as they made contact on the hard surface.

In my head, I counted down, three-two-one. Quickly dropping to one knee, I sliced my blade across the air above me. A dark shadow passed overhead at the same time. A gush of warm air and the smell of foul breath brushed against my face. An incredible weight fell on top of me. Darla and I went barrel rolling down the corridor. Her body stopped its momentum before mine.

I continued rolling another few feet and landed on my back. Dizzy and aching, I lifted my head and tried to gain my bearings. Darla was sprawled on the floor, and blood and spit overflowed from the severed jaw she worked desperately to put back together. For the meantime, she would be out of the fight. Scrambling to my feet, I noticed my tumble with the princess had shortened the distance to the end of the corridor.

An anguished howl came from her father, who charged down the hallway. Leaping over Darla, Grimes made a beeline for me.

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