The Game of Weird Animal Facts: It’s a Game, It’s a Picture Book—It’s Both!

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The facts are very entertaining and fun to share with kids. Very enjoyable. Only 19 left in stock more on the way. Grandaughter can't put it down. These are cute with cute little animal facts. They make a nice gift for an animal lover. The illustrations and facts are also available in a book form.

What Animal Am I? Available for download now. I love the way this book gives u clues to what animal it is. But I thought you would just put parts of a animal but I still like the way you made this book it is amazing. Currently unavailable. Chambers Georgia, United States.

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Everyone has their own ideas about how intelligent certain animals are. Based on laboratory experiments, author Selena Dale has listed fifteen animals that she believes have demonstrated high orders of intelligence. As would be expected, most are mammals, but she nominated ants and one species of spider too.

They're listed in no particular order, but most readers will probably have their own ideas about ranking. Problem solving and ability to work cooperatively with others of their species landed several animals on the list. Dogs and cats are listed, of course, and which is more intelligent has been the topic of many an argument over the centuries that they've been domesticated. Ants farm colonies of aphids and consume their byproducts I've Magic Tree House R. Great for teaching various facts in a fun way to younger children younger than high school.

It is an extension of the facts given in the stories Jack and Annie tell. When Jason gives Mr. Perfect for: Inventive kids with creative ideas to cure boredom and update old rules. Find Ramona the Pest at your local library. This is a bittersweet and uplifting story of a young girl coping with the fact that her father is hospitalized for clinical depression.

She writes to this post office box, hoping that the person her father was writing to will help her understand what is happening. Told through her letters, this novel is poignant and emotionally raw. Her humor, courage and intelligence will resonate with the reader. Find Letters from Rapunzel at your local library. There is so much to discuss here that a family, or a class, could spend days talking it over, which is why it is already a favorite with discussion groups. Two of the biggest topics are what it means to be human and what it means to grow up.

Try combining it with a movie about growing up, such as Wide Awake , or one about not growing up, such as Peter Pan. Find Loser at your local library. Uniquely told by weaving together the adventures of year-old Maya with those of Artemisia, a wild horse in the remote Wyoming wilderness, this is a beautiful coming-of-age story about relationships and making tough decisions.

With the death of her grandmother, Maya is thrust into a totally foreign lifestyle. Accustomed to a rigid and formal urban household, Maya suddenly finds herself on a rural ranch surrounded by loving and caring people.

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Discovering one another, the two develop a bond that will be tested under severe conditions. The addition of a glossary and a list of websites dealing with the subject of wild horses in America make this a must-read for any horse lover. Find Paint the Wind at your local library. Conversations, pictures, charts and stories find their way into it. Find Please Write in This Book at your local library. This beautifully written and illustrated book will appeal to a wide range of ages.

Its story of materialism verses charity addresses the value of giving and encourages children to reach out to help others. The story of a greedy king and the lesson he learns helps children get perspective on what is important.

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The vivid, intricately designed watercolor illustrations add drama and life to the story of a young wealthy child who, one night, steps out of a walled city to find the world beyond. She becomes a quiltmaker after her elders reject her idea of helping the needy. Another poignant message for children of all ages. This is a heartwarming story of how a community comes together to help Minna, a little girl who so badly wants to attend school, but has no coat.

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The story deals with death and poverty in a real and positive way with a loving solution. Find The Rag Coat at your local library. Nolen and Nelson give us a spunky cowgirl heroine of the West who names herself Thunder Rose. Rose is resourceful and fearless, and no challenge defeats her, not stampeding cattle, drought, tornadoes, hooligans nor desperadoes. Find Thunder Rose at your local library. The author creates an alphabet book using the first names of the 26 women who have made impressive contributions to the world.

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The women came from different ethnic groups and countries. Author Helen Lester writes a humorous tale about her life from age three to adulthood. She describes how she became a writer, citing her achievements and challenges, including overcoming dyslexia, along the way. This cheerful book will inspire the writer within your child. Find Author: A True Story at your local library. Bill Peet, a former Disney illustrator, shares his life story in this book. Find Bill Peet: An Autobiography at your local library. Rachel Carson has long been considered the original environmentalist.

Her publication of Silent Spring in the s was the impetus for President Kennedy to call for a scientific study of the questions she raised about the environment. Here now we have an accessible, empowering biography of this unsung heroine for boys and girls that care about the environment. Included are several lesson plans, as well as recommended reading on steps to save the environment. In this picture book biography of the magician Harry Houdini born Erik Weiss , the author emphasizes the qualities of perseverance, dedication and a commitment to self-improvement that made Houdini so successful.

This would be the perfect book for kids fascinated by all things magical. The picture-book format and outstanding illustrations make it highly appealing for children. The text is friendly and loaded with interesting details about the subject. Find Leonardo da Vinci at your local library. Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, writes this autobiographical work as page-long vignettes of highlights from his life. He writes about how he got his unusual nickname from his sister , his favorite movie hero the Lone Ranger , how he almost drowned one summer, his military life, and his training and missions as an astronaut.

Find Reaching for the Moon at your local library. George , illustrated by: David Small - Philomel, 56 pages. George and David Small take us on a fun romp through the excellent discoveries and great mishaps of the great and infamous explorers of the world. Some of the exquisitely drawn illustrations are small and subtle in meaning, and the typeface used in the illustrations could be challenging for young readers as well.

The subject matter of the biography will be of interest to adult as well as child readers, and this book might best be enjoyed in a joint first reading. This is an excellent series of biographies and includes books on Benjamin Franklin, Harriet Tubman and Leonardo da Vinci.

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Written in a fun, conversational style that grabs even the most reluctant reader! Find Who Was Harry Houdini? Levine Books, 32 pages.

But there were over fifty ice cream sellers and dozens of waffle makers, so who put the two together? Five men and one woman claim they were the first to combine tasty waffles, shaped into a cone, with yummy ice cream. But the frozen delight honor goes to Italo Marchiony, an Italian immigrant who was selling ice cream cones from a push cart on the streets of New York in Find Ice-Cream Cones for Sale at your local library. George , illustrated by: David Small - Philomel Books, 56 pages. Books about the presidents are usually boring, but not this one.

George outlines the positive points about being president big house with its own swimming pool, bowling alley and movie theater and negative points having to dress up, never get to go anywhere alone and lots of homework. The book concludes with the oath of office, and there is an appended list of brief biographical sketches of each of the presidents.