The Highlanders Touch

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Hmmm, I have my doubts as to whether Elizabeth MacBreide is truly her or the fairy queen come to make mischief. Oh, crack me up.

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I can certainly understand her anger over discovering that Cin has a stash of tampons! Yes, even Duncan cares when he remembers between his ladies! Read it for the enjoyment. The protection of the hallows is all-important and when the flask goes astray, Adam is only partly mollified that Brodie has put a geas on it, for it to return with its finder. When the flask does reappear — with its finder — Cin is at a loss, the conflicting pledges and his own heart stay his hand. But how long can he keep his betrayal of his honor a secret from those who look to him for leadership.

Lisa Stone is struggling to make ends meet, pay the horrendous bills from the accident and care for Catherine , her beloved, but dying mother.

The Highlander's Touch

And immortal through parentage and trickery. Morganna was his mother. Eirren is a wee motherless lad who takes great interest in Lisa. Robert the Bruce intends to be king of Scotland with the help of Brodie and his men. Niall and Lulach McIllioch , brothers, are his guards. Another Edward is his idiot brother who makes the battle of Bannockburn a necessity.

The Templars are a secret weapon to whom the Bruce has given sanctuary.

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Armand Berard is a very unhappy commander of knights, willing to sell out to anyone. One with a deep-laid plan.

Aoibheal is the Queen of the Fairies and quite angry with Adam. Professor Taylor is obsessed with all things Celtic. Steinmann is the bullying director of the museum where Lisa cleans in Cincinnati.

Craving the Highlander’s Touch

Edward II is king of England and determined to conquer the Scots. Sir Philip de Mowbray is the commander of the English forces at Stirling. The cover is is gorgeous with a nice sense of mystery and an excellent use of the fonts.

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Outlandish Dreaming: The Highlander's Touch by Karen Marie Moning

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