The Mamacita Murders (Gaby Ruiz Mysteries, No. 1)

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Her father, though, had dreams of acquiring wealth in el norte. He worked sun-up to sun-down in the fields of south Texas. Returning home to Mexico, his pockets full of dollars, he spent evenings drinking and womanizing.


There her father began molesting his daughters, viciously beating them and their mother. Within the impoverished immigrant family, the abuse continued for years, until a family friend brought it to the attention of child welfare authorities. It is a harrowing story of abuse and shame compounded by cultural and linguistic isolation and a system of patriarchy that devalues the experiences of women and girls. At the same time, Las hijas de Juan is an inspiring tale, filled with strong women and hard-won solace found in traditional Mexican cooking, songs, and storytelling.

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N95Z46 Her poems color the page with the vibrancy and sweetness of figs, the freshness of tortillas, and the sensuality of language. Writing from the heart of California's San Joaquin Valley, she catapults the reader into the lives of the campesinos with their daily joys and sorrows. Embodied with such spirit, her poems rise with the convictions of power and equality. M5R Two events in wartime Los Angeles thrust young Mexican American zoot suiters into the media spotlight. In the Sleepy Lagoon incident, a man was murdered during a mass brawl in August Twenty-two young men, all but one of Mexican descent, were tried and convicted of the crime.

The Chicano movement of the s—s cast these events as key moments in the political awakening of Mexican Americans and pachucos as exemplars of Chicano identity, resistance, and style. While pachucas and other Mexican American women figured in the two incidents, they were barely acknowledged in later Chicano movement narratives. Catherine S. Investigating their relative absence in scholarly and artistic works, she argues that both wartime U.

Expand Description Women and Migration in the U. Segura and Patricia Zavella, eds.

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Several essays address workplace intimidation and violence, harassment and rape by U. This rich collection highlights both the structural inequities faced by Mexican women in the borderlands and the creative ways they have responded to them. Chavez, Cynthia Cranford, Adelaida R. Del Castillo, Sylvanna M. Wright, Patricia Zavella Expand Description.

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