Why Arent I Happy?

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I'm sitting down. He could hear her breathing on the other end of the line, or perhaps it was the static wind he so often heard when talking on these new phones.

Why are we happy? Why aren't we happy? - Dan Gilbert

She seemed to be trying to collect herself. She breathed, paused. Ballinger stood. Out in the garden his wife had got to her knees again, pulling crabgrass out of the bed of tulips. It was a sunny near-twilight, and all along the shady street people were working in their little orderly spaces of grass and flowers.

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It's perfectly all right, too, because he's really a young sixty-three, and very strong and healthy, and look at George Burns. Her voice trailed off. I mean it's not a weather report, for God's sake. I'm not really rushing into anything -". And anyway, that wasn't my question. I'm an adult. I'm telling you out of family courtesy. Family courtesy exactly. Exactly, Melanie, that's a good phrase. Would you please tell me, out of family courtesy, if the baby is his.

I mean you're asking me to take in a whole lot here, you know?

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He's - he's a lot older than I am. When he was my age, I was only two years older than you are now. Do you? Have you given that any thought at all? He sat down in his kitchen and tried to think of something else to say. Outside the window, his wife, with no notion of what she was about to be hit with, looked through the patterns of shade in the blinds and, seeing him, waved. It was friendly, and even so, all their difficulty was in it, too. Ballinger waved back. I mean how do you meet a person forty-two years older than you are.

What, was there a senior citizen student mixer at the college? If I'd just picked this up and read it in the newspaper, I think I'd want to know. I'd probably call the newspaper and see what I could find out.

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He was my literature teacher. He's a professor of literature. He knows everything that was ever written, and he's the most brilliant man I've ever known.

The one reason why you aren’t happy is…

You have no idea how fascinating it is to talk with him. A lot of talking. He could imagine her tapping the toe of one foot on the floor: the impatience of someone awaiting an explanation. He thought a moment. Give me a few minutes to get used to the idea. Is he a professor emeritus? Please let's just be calm and talk about this. We have some things to talk about here. She sniffled, blew her nose. Someone held the phone for her. There was a muffled something in the line, and then she was there again. She said something he couldn't hear, and then there were several seconds of some sort of discussion, in whispers.

Finally she said, "Do you promise not to yell at him? There was another small scuffing sound, and a man's voice came through the line. He thought of cigarettes. That speaks well of you. You probably knew I'd find this a little difficult to absorb and that's why you waited until Melanie was pregnant, for Christ's sake. That was a literal statement of this situation that obtains right here as we're speaking. And, really, Mr It's Coombs, right? You think you might get into your seventies before I get used to this? And how long do you think it'll take my wife who's twenty-one years younger than you are to get used to this?

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  4. Ring off? Did you actually say 'Ring off'? What're you, a goddam Limey or something? But I'm not sitting in a class. How many did you say? Ballinger waited. His wife walked in from outside, carrying some cuttings. She poured water in a glass vase and stood at the counter arranging the flowers, her back to him. The other man had stopped talking. Could you just tell me if any of them are anywhere near my daughter's age?

    The point is, we have a pregnant woman here and we both love her. The point is that you, sir, are not much more than a goddam statutory rapist. That's the point.

    The 10 Reasons You Aren't Happy

    He looked at her and shook his head. Really now. What's the policy at that goddam university concerning teachers screwing their students? Your fiance was almost my age now the day you were born. What the hell, kid. Are you crazy? Are you out of your mind? His wife was actually pushing against him to take the phone, and so he gave it to her. And stood there while she tried to talk. All these nice men in their forties. She can marry any one of my friends - they're babies. Forties - cradle fodder.

    This Is the One Reason Why You Aren’t Happy

    Jesus, any one of them. Tell her. Meditating allows to practice regaining focus.

    As you practice, you learn and increase your skills to notice when your mind is wandering off track. You then practice bringing it back to what you should be directing your attention to. Include in your morning preparations for the day a gentle but directed review of what you need to devote your time to today.